During a divorce, considering the needs of the children is of paramount importance. Making sure kids’ financial, medical, educational and developmental needs are well cared for can be a complex process, and because it’s such an important one, the court will take a variety of factors into consideration in determining an appropriate and achievable child

broken heartFor many people, the process of divorce can seem overwhelming. This is usually because most people associate divorce with drawn-out, expensive litigation. Fortunately, however, there are alternative dispute resolution options available that make it possible to settle a divorce while avoiding the extra cost, stress and time commitment required for court proceedings. For many divorcing

CNN recently ran an article titled “Divorce attorneys catching cheaters on Facebook”, in which it featured several attorneys across the nation who have used information posted on Facebook to discredit a party and win their case. In one divorce case, the wife claimed her alcoholic husband was drinking again, but the husband denied it. Then a mutual friend of the couple found Facebook photos of the husband drinking beer at a party a few weeks earlier. The wife’s attorney presented the photos in Court, and the wife won the case. In another case, after the wife had been blocked from her husband’s Facebook page, she found the profile page of another woman with whom she suspected her husband having an affair. On that woman’s profile page, a public album of photos taken on a romantic getaway with her husband appeared.

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