While the U.S. Virgin Islands’ bonds are still rated in junk status, there are some significant signs of improvement and glimmers of hope for economic recovery in the territory. The price of some of the Territory’s bonds has more than doubled since the end of 2017, thanks in large part to a boom in construction during the post-hurricane rebuild and the reopening of the St. Croix oil refinery. Now, economic experts in the Territory feel good about the growth in the local economy believe there is a positive future for the territory’s bond ratings.
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A bill under consideration by the Senate Rules and Judiciary Committee would make such things as emails, passwords to bank accounts and online trading accounts covered by V.I. laws about how to handle property when someone dies or is incapacitated.

The changes are necessary because

Various industry groups in the United States are pushing The Trump Administration for a faster permit process and simplified environmental regulations.

Many of these groups are associations representing industries such as drilling, mining, refining and building. These associations have submitted hundreds of pages of documents to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Commerce

Recent efforts on the part of U.S. Virgin Islands Governor Kenneth E. Mapp have resulted in the federal Medicaid program being made available to an additional 19,000 citizens in the Territory. However, reports continue to circulate about physicians denying medical services to Medicare and Medicaid patients.

An official complaint regarding this denial of care was

Are you wondering whether you qualify to receive benefits from the Economic Development Commission in the U.S. Virgin Islands? To be considered eligible for benefits, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Invest a minimum of $100,000 outside of their inventory in a business or industry that is determined to advance the best interest of

To help mitigate the potential financial crisis facing the U.S. Virgin Islands, Governor Kenneth E. Mapp recently ordered dramatic cuts in overtime work hours as he reviews ways to keep the Territory’s government operational.

The Virgin Islands Police Department (VIPD) became one of the first public agencies to drastically reduce its overtime work hours in

U.S. Virgin Islands Governor  Kenneth Mapp recently vetoed legislation that would have eliminated customs duties, while at the same time transferring money that would have been collected through a different provision in the proposed bill.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Kurt Vialet, would have mandated the Bureau of Internal Revenue to create and present a