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American Bar Association

A push for legal protection under the Constitution for the U.S. Virgin Islands recently won support from a national organization representing lawyers. Members of the Virgin Islands Bar Association petitioned the American Bar Association, asking for their support in a matter involving the Fourth Amendment right to legal search and seizure.

The American Bar Association

In the previous issue of Law Practice, I discussed the Law Practice’s Division theme of building bridges with respect to the attorney-client relationship. In this marketing issue, I think it compelling that the most important aspect of any firm’s marketing strategy is client service. Superior client service is an investment that can drive law firm

From the Chair of the ABA Law Practice Division-Tom Bolt

When you think about it, creating

Tom Bolt
In this four-part interview, Legal Talk Network producer Laurence Colletti talks with Tom Bolt, Robert Hirshon, Chris Zampogna, and Fred Headon about their contributions and ideas for the ABA Presidential Commission on the Future of Legal Services Hearing. Together they discuss possible updates to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, non-tech innovations to help the