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As the calendar year swiftly comes to an end, it’s important for businesses to not just reflect on the year that was, but also start thinking about their financial goals for the coming year. Considering you will very soon begin the formal tax preparation process, having a good idea of your financial standing and goals

Having an employee handbook is a great way to introduce new employees to your company and the various policies you have in place.

There are several issues you are required by law to cover in your handbook. For example, you must have family medical leave policies listed in the handbook under the Family Medical Leave

Natural disasters like hurricanes and floods do not just damage or destroy buildings and utilities. They could also result in the loss of some extremely important documents, such as mortgage information, estate planning documents, green cards and birth certificates.

As you recover from the losses you have suffered in the recent hurricanes in the U.S.

From the Chair: Attorney Tom Bolt

 The Board of Editors of Law Practice Today selected technology as the theme for this issue.  In anticipation of next month’s celebration of the 30th anniversary of ABA TECHSHOW and in view of the ongoing transformation of the practice of law through technology, I can think of

2014_digitalAs more aspects of people’s lives move online, managing numerous digital accounts becomes a complex process, and one that presents numerous challenges. These issues are not limited to just the account holders themselves. In fact, the real test may come after people pass away and their families are left to make sense of their digital