gum on shoeIf a recently approved bill becomes law, it could mean major changes to the division of property during divorce proceedings in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Legislature of the Virgin Islands approved the bill, sponsored by Sen. Nereida “Nellie” Rivera-O’Reilly, which would allow divorce courts to determine the distribution of property acquired during the

visitationGoing through a divorce when you have kids involves taking into account numerous factors to make sure your children’s best interests are prioritized. The biggest challenge for many divorcing parents is setting up a fair time-sharing and visitation schedule that works well for everyone involved.

Parents are encouraged to come up with this schedule themselves

broken heartFor many people, the process of divorce can seem overwhelming. This is usually because most people associate divorce with drawn-out, expensive litigation. Fortunately, however, there are alternative dispute resolution options available that make it possible to settle a divorce while avoiding the extra cost, stress and time commitment required for court proceedings. For many divorcing

Just_divorcedA child custody agreement, usually part of a final divorce decree, includes court-ordered arrangements related to whether parents share custody, if one parent has primary custody and if noncustodial parents have visitation rights. However, we all know that circumstances in our lives can change quickly, and in these situations it may be necessary to seek

 In the recent case of Edwards v. Bryson (2013 WL 4504783 (C.A.3 (Pa.) Aug. 26, 2013), the United States Court of Appeals, Third Circuit reaffirmed its prior decision in United States v. Moreno (3d Cir. July 3, 2013), in which the court held that a passport will serve as conclusive proof of United States citizenship only if “its holder was actually a citizen of the United States when the passport was issued.”Continue Reading Third Circuit Clarifies Passport as proof of Citizenship Rule

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee this past month approved on a 13-to-5 vote broad legislation that would completely redefine the country’s policies on immigration.  This appears to be the most significant immigration policy revision in decades to be sent to the full Senate  Debate is anticipated to start in this month.Continue Reading U.S. Senate Judiciary OK’s Immigration Overhaul

The immigration laws of the United States require companies to employ only people who are able to work in the United States legally.  This can be as U.S. citizens or foreign citizens who have the appropriate and necessary authorization. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the government agency that is tasked with overseeing lawful immigration to the United States.  USCIS manages the process that permits individuals from other countries to work in the United States. Some of these opportunities can be short-term, while others provide a path to a green card (permanent residency).Continue Reading Good Housekeeping for Business: E-Verify and I-9 Compliance