After a court enters a judgment in a civil case, it is up to the prevailing party (sometimes called a “judgment creditor”) to execute that judgment.  This requires a writ of execution, which is a form of legal process issued by a court that directs the court marshal to seize (or “attach”) the assets of

When dealing with the foreclosure of a residential or commercial mortgage on a home, business, or other real property, it is crucial to have a trusted and capable attorney on hand to guide you through the process. Foreclosure laws differ in each state and territory, and local foreclosure practice can be highly idiosyncratic.  However, whether

There are some circumstances in which a bank will offer a homeowner the option to pursue a deed in lieu of foreclosure rather than a short sale or other foreclosure alternative. In this process, a person hands over the deed to their home to the bank, bypassing the standard foreclosure process.

You may wonder why

Recently, one of our firm’s clients inquired as to our protecting their intellectual property, and BoltNagi submitted to an in-depth technology audit. Large companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple use considerable resources to protect their intellectual property. An organization of any size, however, can suffer due to intellectual property theft, and small businesses in particular

For those who practice in the courts of the Virgin Islands, there is a weary acceptance that justice will come, but it might not come quickly.  Sometimes—either due to the complexity of a case or a court’s congested docket—a motion or petition will linger on a judge’s docket for months or (in extreme cases) even years.  In these situations, a litigant has only two choices:  Sit back and wait for a ruling or try to get the case moving with a writ of mandamus.Continue Reading No Escape from Limbo: The Virgin Islands Supreme Court Denies a Writ of Mandamus