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Are You Paying Your Tipped Employees Correctly?

Posted in Labor & Employment
Many employees of the service industry receive tips from customers on top of their regular wages. In many cases, these employees actually earn more in tips than they do in wages. Tips are treated differently than regular wages under U.S. and Territorial labor laws, even though they are considered a form of compensation. It’s important… Continue Reading

The Economic Impact of Zika on the US Virgin Islands

Posted in Community Affairs, Labor & Employment
Throughout 2016, there were widespread concerns among travelers about heading to the Caribbean region, as the Zika virus outbreak caused concern particularly among pregnant women. The mosquito-borne disease is linked to brain damage in fetuses. Fears were particularly heightened when the media reported there were more than 100 positive cases in the U.S. Virgin Islands.… Continue Reading

With Puzder Out, Trump Turns to Acosta for Labor Secretary

Posted in Government Relations, Labor & Employment
Andrew F. Puzder, who rose to prominence as a fast food executive, recently withdrew from consideration to be President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Labor. Puzder had been the subject of a great deal of debate and scorn since his announcement in December, particularly among progressive groups and labor unions. After records of spousal abuse from… Continue Reading

Issues to Consider Before Sharing Office Space with Another Business

Posted in Labor & Employment
Many small businesses rent out office space in commercial buildings, likely sharing that space with various other businesses and organizations. Before you decide you are going to rent shared office space, however, it’s important to conduct the proper due diligence to ensure it’s the right move for your company. In most cases, it’s in your… Continue Reading

21st Century Cures Act Offers More Health Insurance Options to Employers

Posted in Labor & Employment
Small businesses dealing with health insurance-related challenges received some welcome news in December with the passage of the 21st Century Cures Act, a new federal law that allows employers to expand their use of qualified small employer health reimbursement arrangements (QSEHRAs). While the law contains numerous provisions, the ones most relevant to small businesses allow… Continue Reading

How to Best Protect Your Customers’ Data and Other Sensitive Information

Posted in Labor & Employment
In an age when so much happens online, businesses must be willing to commit to digital security to best protect the sensitive data and information of themselves and their customers. In fact, some estimates indicate that the global market for cybersecurity will surpass $80 billion next year, indicating just how important this issue has become.… Continue Reading

The Different Types of Commercial Insurance and How They May Apply to Your Business

Posted in Labor & Employment
With all the risks that come with running a small business, it’s critically important for owners and entrepreneurs to have proper insurance coverage to protect against unexpected catastrophes. There are many different forms of commercial insurance available to cover a variety of risks. Property insurance policies Property insurance is a category encompassing a variety of… Continue Reading

How to Create a Strong IP Indemnity Clause

Posted in Corporate & Financial Services, Labor & Employment
Every product you sell as a manufacturer is subject to the Uniform Commercial Code. This law requires you to guarantee to your customers that your products are free of infringement claims made by other manufacturers. You may already have customer contracts in place with even more stringent conditions, such as providing legal defenses to customers… Continue Reading

Tax Deductions Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Posted in Labor & Employment
Tax deductions are important tools for small business owners that can help them maintain efficient operations while reducing their tax obligations. The more deductions you can take, the less income the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can tax you on, which means greater savings and more capabilities to grow your company. The following are a few… Continue Reading

How Can You Tell When an Anticipatory Breach of Contract Has Occurred?

Posted in Labor & Employment
When you’ve signed an agreement with another party, one issue you may find yourself dealing with is an “anticipatory” breach of contract, which often means taking action before an actual breach has occurred. For a little context, a contract could be considered breached or broken if either party unconditionally refuses to perform under the contract… Continue Reading

What Does it Mean to ‘Pierce the Corporate Veil?

Posted in Labor & Employment
One of the main reasons business owners decide to form a company in the structure of a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation is so they can avoid personal liability for business debts, if the business is unable to meet its obligations. However, there are situations in which courts will hold the owners, members or… Continue Reading

How an Assignment of Contract Works

Posted in Labor & Employment
An assignment of contract happens when one party involved in a contract hands the obligations and benefits of that contract to another party, known as the “assignee.” Generally, the assignor wants the assignee to completely take on all of the rights and obligations of the contract. However, the other party involved in the existing contract… Continue Reading

Establishing a Probationary Period for Your Employees

Posted in Labor & Employment
Most Virgin Islands employees are subject to a 90 day probationary period of employment pursuant to the “Virgin Islands Wrongful Discharge Act”.  Notwithstanding this provision of VI labor law, employers may establish probationary periods as a means of evaluating recently hired employees, along with any workers who may not be performing well on the job.… Continue Reading

The Impact of FLSA Amendments on USVI Employees

Posted in Labor & Employment
Hundreds of workers throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands may be eligible for overtime pay in 2017 after recent amendments to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that go into effect on December 31, 2016. In May, the U.S. Department of Labor published its revisions to the FLSA’s overtime exemption rules. The biggest change — and… Continue Reading

With New Federal Rule, Many More Americans Now Eligible for Overtime Pay

Posted in Government Relations, Labor & Employment
Last summer, President Barack Obama announced plans to raise the overtime salary threshold, a move that promised to make millions more Americans eligible for overtime pay. Those plans went into effect last month, when the White House revealed the details of the new overtime threshold rules the President had set forth. The measure is the… Continue Reading