We are now in the midst of tax season, which means people across the United States and its territories are busy compiling their records and receipts and preparing their income tax return paperwork. This can be a stressful time of the year, especially if you are not entirely sure what is required out of you

Small-Claims picThe dollar limits within the Small Claims Division of the Virgin Islands Superior Court has increased to $10,000, which has made the court a viable option for business owners to resolve disputes quickly, easily and, perhaps most importantly, at a lower expense than was previously possible.

These types of disputes often occur between business owners

irs logoWith tax season now in full swing, businesses of all shapes and sizes are in the process of ensuring their books are in order and consulting their tax accountants and attorneys to be certain their practices and policies are in line with the law. This year, they also have a number of new legal changes

DividendsNo one wants to pay more taxes, including corporations.

When a corporation turns a profit, portions will often be distributed to shareholders in amounts based on the total number of shares each individual holds—in addition to reinvesting some of the funds in the business itself. These distributions are called dividends (this classification applies to any