The U.S. Virgin Islands is well-known as a breathtaking vacation destination and a corporate tax haven.  It is less well-known, but equally attractive as a destination for film and television production.

As far as tropical shooting locations, the USVI can hardly be beat.  In a relatively small area, the USVI offers both tropical desert and lush tropical rainforest, unparalleled crystal blue waters, quaint Danish colonial architecture, tropical reefs, deep and shallow wreck diving, mountainous jungle terrain, and steep rocky cliffs, not to mention a beautiful and diverse population.

In contrast to many tropical competitors, however, the USVI offers a litany of advantages.  The currency is the US dollar, eliminating losses due to foreign exchange.  The local language is English, eliminating the need for translators or guides.  No passports are required for US citizens, making the movement of talent and operations a breeze.

If perfect scenery and a smooth transition were not enough, a new incentive program is soon to be rolled out by the USVI’s government.  These new incentives will deliver up to a 17% transferable tax credit, plus up to a 29% cash rebate for qualifying productions.  These incentives will make the USVI directly competitive, if not a more financially attractive shooting location than competing shooting destinations such as Puerto Rico, the Dominic Republic, Fiji, or Hawaii.

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