flickr_Frits_Ahlefeldt_LaurvigOne of the most important relationships business owners and executives have is in working with their business attorney. An experienced, highly qualified legal professional can be an invaluable team member and source of knowledge, advice and wisdom. Cultivating this relationship can reap rewards many times over.

A key aspect of this relationship involves open communication and trust, as it’s only through honest conversations that a truly productive partnership can be built. One of the most important means of communicating with your business attorney is through asking questions and better understanding the way legal issues relate to your business. With this in mind, the following are five of the most critical questions you should be asking your business lawyer:

What do you need to know about my company to best help me?

For attorneys to effectively work with you and your company, it’s crucial that they understand the key aspects of your business. These include the products and services you provide, the company culture and the people behind your organization. Communicate everything important about your business from the start.

How should I be approaching employee benefits, policies and other programs?

Because your employees form the backbone of your company, you want to ensure you’re treating them as the critical assets they are. Discussing your company’s benefits packages, employee policies and any other programs you might offer with your labor and employment attorney can help you make certain you’re in compliance with federal and territorial law and are treating your workers in a positive manner.

How am I protecting my company’s intellectual property?

Handling intellectual property in a way that protects your business can be complicated, as copyrights, trademarks and patents are the subject of much legal discussion and debate. An attorney well versed in intellectual property law can help you ensure that these valuable assets — some of which your business may rely on heavily — are appropriately protected.

Am I up to speed on regulatory and legal changes that affect my business?

Regular communication with your government relations attorney is important for staying up to date on any major legal changes that might impact your business, ranging from taxation and financial developments to laws that impact your workforce. Being aware of and understanding these changes can save you money and unneeded hassles in the long term.

How much do you need to know about my future business plans?

If you are planning major changes to your business, including large purchases, a relocation or the launch of a new product or service, a skilled attorney can help ensure you’re doing so in a legally and financially sound manner.

Securing quality legal counsel is a wise investment for your business, as a full service business law firm you trust will guide you through difficult and challenging times for your company, as well as prepare you for the future. Consider these questions as you begin this very important relationship.

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