meetingIf you own or operate a business, it’s possible that you will find yourself in disputes from time to time. These conflicts can quickly become very heated, but mediation is often an effective alternative to engaging in expensive and time-consuming litigation.

Business disputes may be related to nonbinding verbal agreements, breach of contract and employment issues, or even more serious matters like embezzlement and fraud. In many cases, these conflicts involve dissolving a partnership.

While business disputes are often complicated, the process of resolving them does not have to be inherently negative or difficult. Through mediation, you and the other parties can settle all issues quickly and amicably, without enormous costs to you or your business.

Mediation is a process undertaken voluntarily by both parties in the conflict, in which a professional mediator opens up a line of effective communication between the parties to identify the root of the problem and reach solutions that address everyone’s needs. Mediation offers a number of key benefits:

  • Settling out of court avoids incredibly costly fees
  • Provides a safe environment for raising, discussing and resolving disagreements, differences of opinion, grudges and other hurdles
  • The ability to preserve valuable ties between colleagues and coworkers, improve weak or unstable relationships and cultivate new ones
  • Often requires only a few days or even hours to effectively settle a dispute, whereas litigation may take months or years
  • High levels of privacy and confidentiality, reducing the risk of publicly severing business relationships

Research indicates that when resolutions are formulated and agreed on by both parties, rather than imposed and rigidly enforced by a court of law, the parties are much more likely to comply, both immediately and in the long term. In addition, because the mediator works equally and without bias for both parties and because a dissatisfied party may withdraw at any time — unlike in court, where attendance is mandatory and lawyers can intimidate — there’s no risk for exploitation or manipulation.

If you find yourself in a business-related dispute in the U.S. Virgin Islands, consider utilizing alternative dispute resolution means such as mediation. It can help you avoid the drawn-out, expensive process of filing a lawsuit and preserve key relationships for the benefit of your company’s future.

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