Lisa Michelle Kömives, an attorney with the Litigation Practice Group at BoltNagi PC, was elected to serve on the Humane Society of St. Thomas Board of Directors.
“I’m honored to be elected to the board, and am looking forward to contributing to the continued efforts of the Humane Society to improve our community”. Attorney Kömives is a longtime advocate for animals and community awareness is dedicated to the safety and welfare of our island animals.
“Community education and awareness of effective programs to control the animal overpopulation are in place, however, funding continues to inhibit the process” notes Kömives. “The work the Humane Society of St. Thomas does to help the animals in this community, and thereby the community at large, is extraordinary and, notably, is only limited by available resources, not by a lack of will to do more”.
The Humane Society operates largely through revenues produced by Annual Membership in the Humane Society of St. Thomas, animal adoptions, flea market, sponsor of a kennel, and special events such as Barktoberfest, Valentines Ball and the Red, White and Blue Golf Tournament. Learn about other ways of contributing to the work of the Humane Society of St. Thomas by visiting
BoltNagi encourages its attorneys to participate actively in non-profit organizations that benefit the community at large.