Tom Bolt, managing partner of Tom Bolt & Associates P.C., a leading Virgin Islands full service law firm, has announced that the firm has expanded its practice to include a family law and children’s issues practice group. Bolt, who serves as chairman of the Children’s Trust of the Virgin Islands, a fund of the Community Foundation of the V.I., which is dedicated to child advocacy in the territory, noted there was a distinct need in the V.I. for legal services in family law and children’s issues. "The law has become more specialized. Our children and families deserve the best representation," he said.

In introducing the new practice group, Bolt has welcomed Attorney Laura S. Nagi, formerly with The Handy Legal Group, as the firm’s new practice group chair. Nagi has concentrated her practice in family law and children’s issues not only in the territory but also as an attorney with the Domestic Violence Action Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Legal Advocates for Children and Youth in San Jose, California. "We are fortunate to have Attorney Nagi join our Firm," Bolt said. "She has had years of experience counseling clients on domestic and family issues." 

The practice group consists of attorneys who counsel clients on divorce, adoption, child custody and support, and guardianship and other family related issues. Many of its attorneys actively participate in public and private children’s policy initiatives, as well as write and speak on children’s issues. 

"Family law has quickly become a complex area of law and public policy affecting children’s issues that come before our Legislature and various executive departments of our local and federal government every day." said Nagi. "Working with the Government Relations Practice of the Firm, I believe we can make a difference in lives of Virgin Islands children. The Family Law & Children’s Issues Practice Group is essential to Tom Bolt & Associates P.C. continuing commitment to sophisticated, client service in a vital area."