Tom Bolt, Managing Attorney of Tom Bolt & Associates, PC and Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Virgin Islands Corps of the Salvation Army, met Friday in Chiciaco with Carol Garrity Komon, Vice President of Field Services, and Stephanie N. Dragatsis, Director of Field Services, for America’s Second Harvest – "The Nation’s Food Bank Network".

Currenty the St. Thomas Corps of the Salvation Army provides a feeding program for the homeless on St. Thomas.  "In addition to the Salvation Army, currently there are over 1000 meals served daily on St. Thomas and St. John." Bolt said.  "There is a tremendous amount of waste in the food service industry.  One large hotel on St. Thomas takes over a truck load of good food to the Bovoni Landfill every day.  What couldn’t we do if we could rescue this food, repackage it and get it to those in need.  Just think of all of the food that is disposed of daily by the hotels, restaurants, and grocery stores, not to mention the cruiseships." Bolt said.  "With all this food, there is no reason for anyone to go hungry in St. Thomas."

Bolt noted to the America’s Second Harvest representatives that the Rotary Clubs on St. Thomas and St. John were willing to work with the Salvation Army in ending hunger on St. Thomas.  "We are developing a business plan that we advance with the Rotary Clubs and our many Salvation Army supporters." Bolt said.

"We hope to have a definitive plan later this fall that we can take to the public for comment and suggestion – our community coming together can end hunger in the U.S. Virgin Isalnds" Bolt concluded.