Attorney Tom Bolt, Chair of The Salvation Army Advisory Board addressed the Rotary Club of St. Thomas at their meeting on Thursday at Bluebeard’s Castle Hotel.  Bolt announced plans to celebrate The Salvation Army’s 90th Anniversary in May with a series of events culminating in a Gala at Marriott Frenchman’s Reef.  Bolt stated that “The Salvation Army has been ‘Doing the Most Good’ on St. Thomas for nearly a century,”   He pointed out, “feeding those in need and providing support for the less fortunate in our commitment to our community.  When all else fails, we have the Salvation Army.”

Bolt called on Rotarians and the St. Thomas community to assist with the Salvation Army’s Second Harvest Project which will gather food from local restaurants and food purveyors and redistribute to soup kitchens, emergency shelters and after school programs.  “There are over 1000 meals distributed in St. Thomas every day.  Think of the good we can do, if these non-profits no longer have to purchase food, but can utilize their funds for other good work.  With all the wealth in St. Thomas, there is no reason anyone should go to bed hungry in St. Thomas!” Bolt told the Rotarians.

Plans for the Salvation Army 90th Anniversary,  include a concert at Emancipation Garden with the Salvation Army Brass Band Ensemble, an award winning 44 piece brass band, traveling from the mainland to join in the festivities. “We will also dedicate our new mobile canteen,” Bolt said, “which will allow us to go to outlying areas to feed those in need and provide assistance to our community in times of natural disaster.”  

The St. Thomas Salvation Army Advisory Board will host the 90th Anniversary Gala at the Marriott Frenchman’s Reef on the evening of  Saturday, May 12th.  The Gala, a vital fundraiser for the Salvation Army, will feature a silent auction.  The proceeds of the auction will help the Salvation Army to continue providing vital services to the local community.  Territorial Commanders, Lawrence R. Moretz and Nancy A. Moretz will also be on St. Thomas for the 90th Anniversary events.